What we do

In short, we help our clients to improve their business offering by providing high quality services in product R&D and production. We also help them to improve their brand ethic, consumer trust in their products, and the sustainability aspects of their business.


Finland has historically been one of the cleanest and greenest countries in the world. This is due to its excellent air quality, thousands of clean water lakes, and one of the densest forest coverage in the world. Nonetheless, the core strength of Finland is that society learns from an early age to appreciate nature. Because of this close relationship with nature, it seems obvious to Finns that it is something worth protecting.


A certified partner means you can trust that your products will transparently fulfil the criteria of green cosmetics. No more guessing. We were the first to obtain the ECOCERT natural and organic certification in Finland in 2008. The new certification to the COSMOS-standard is a successor of ECOCERT and naturally, we have this certification as well.

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You can expect that the products we create and manufacture in collaboration with you will be first-rated on the market.